Solar Power your Boat, Camper or RV – Solar Charge your Batteries for Free Absolutely Anywhere [Kindle Edition]

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Product Description

Solar power your boat, camper or RV. Learn how to produce cheap, clean electricity with a solar powered battery charging system.
For many years solar power has been seen as expensive and only of real use to NASA on their space stations or as a gimmick to be used on low power devices such as calculators, however recently technology has brought real and affordable solar energy within the reach of everybody.
Boats, camper vans and RVs are particularly suited to benefit from the advances in solar technology.
No longer do you have to be tied to marinas or campsites with electrical hook-ups. You no longer need to run engines and generators shattering the peace for yourself and your fellow travellers. A well designed and correctly sized solar battery charging system can supply most of your needs quietly, efficiently and at minimal cost.
This book describes in clear uncomplicated terms how to choose your solar panels,  how to install them on your boat or motorhome and how to ensure they’re safe and working at peak efficiency.
There’s no boat or RV too small or too large to benefit from a solar powered battery charging system.